Resources and Recommendations

I’m always adding helpful tools and resources here so check back often.

To Verbeck Associates

Excel and Other Tools 

Month End Closing Checklist – A must for all business

13-Week Cash Flow Tool

Weekly Scorecard

Asset Velocity Worksheet

Basic Business Model

Basic Personnel Plan

Basic Job Accountabilities Agreement

Cash Flow Turnover Calcs

Cash Flow Turnover Calculator

Discount Model  – this is a simple calculator to see the cost of taking or offering a discount.  Do and don’t.

The Weekly Review Checklist

Decision Process Tools – simple, but effective

Verbeck Associates Pareto Chart A great tool to 80/20 Everything.  One of my most gifted books is The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch.  A must-read.

Sumif Demo – An Excel function you need to know

Basic Accounting Training – Great for bookkeepers and entry-level accountants

Free Excel Resources – These are good!

New Lease Rules – Updated ASC 842 from my alma mater – KPMG

CARES Act – PPP Rules and Forgiveness

PPP Round 2 – The 2021 round of the Payroll Protection Plan stimulus program


US Chamber EZ Guide

PPP Frequent Questions – FAQ’s

Forgiveness Rules and Application

PPP Forgiveness Checklist

Chase PPP Forgiveness Video

Helpful Websites, Apps, Resources, and Articles

Great Podcast for Helping your team love their job

Top KPI’s to Measure

Entrepreneur Article on Part-Time CFOs – Every company and medical practice needs a CFO.  Using a CFO part-time is a great way to go for many companies.  Check out Verbeck Associates!

CEO Express  If you don’t make my resource page your homepage, make CEO Express your homepage for resources and useful links.

Tim Ferriss  This guy is awesome.  Excellent long-form interviews with interesting guests exploring high performance.

NYS Tax Calendar

Fed Tax Calendar

My Virtual Assistant – She certainly makes my life easier

Nozbe Task Manager – Arguably, the best task manager has developed into a fantastic productively tool for remote teams and getting things done.

Meditation Primer – I’ve been meditating for years.  There is science that discusses the benefits, but I’ve gone from using Calm to Headspace to Ben Harris’s app to Dan Harris.  I’ve been all over the place.  I’ve been consistent, and I’ve inconsistent.   I now like the Zen Mindfulness practice.  It seems to make sense.  Listen to this primer with Zen Master Hinnerk Polenski.  This is a very good basic 15-minute sitting.  ‘Do this for 25 minutes in the morning. If you have no time, 45 mins”

Wim Hof Breathing App – This guy is crazy, but I think he’s on to something.  Try the free version of his breathing app.  Doing this, I can hold my breath consistently for 2+ minutes and have exceeded 3 minutes a few times.  It’s not the length of the breath holds, but the practice of deep breathing.

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