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60 Days Left

My grandmother used to say the phrase “Rabbit, rabbit, hare, hare” every month when she flipped her Travelers Insurance calendar from one month to the next. She would say it was for good luck. Apparently, this was adopted from an old English superstition from the 1200’s for good luck.  I’m sure others chant this expression at the beginning of a new month for good luck as well.

CA-rabbit clock

I still follow the superstition to this day. My family says “Rabbit, rabbit, hare, hare” 10 times in a row, first thing in the morning, for good luck.  My 84 year old mother (who lives in Chicago) and I have a contest every month: who can send the first “RRHH” email.  You would think since I get up at 5 AM every day and live in the east, I would win every time, but not even close.

I took a few minutes on Sunday morning and thought about “Rabbit, rabbit, hare, hare.”  I thought about how fast the last month went!  We had an outstanding October weatherwise in the Northeast; I just finished a four day juice cleanse;  and I purged my garage, filling a dumpster and donating several loads of household items.  I thought about the good things that happened all month and how grateful I am for it.

Now I turn to November. The beginning of a new month is always a great time to make sure you’re moving the ball down the field in the right direction.

This November 1st after my “RRHH” rituals, I was thinking about the runners at the start of the NYC marathon.  I was very happy I didn’t run it this year though it truly was one of the most remarkable experiences in my life (circa 1997).  But while watching my friends run it this year it became clear to me.  In 2016 I’m definitely signing up for one competitive event.  We need specific goals and aligned goals to take things to the next level.   For me, I want to get my fitness to the next level so I’m signing up for a race.  Simple. Aligned goal.

It’s the same way with our other goals. We need to set specific aligned goals to take things to the next level.

As a business owner there is a lot to do with only 60 days to finish 2015 strong: hammer on your Q4 goals, solidify your 2016 business plan assumptions and game plan, do your consisting weekly 13-week cash flow forecast, etc.  This week, take a look at where you are with your 100 day plan we talked about here and determine exactly where you are with your initiatives.  For me, I’m way ahead in a couple goals and behind in others.

Let’s prepare to finish strong!

Bonus: Also, this week I put together a very quick screen cast of how to use the SUMIF formula in Excel.  I use it all the time to summarize Excel data.   It’s super easy and if you use Excel you need to know how to use it.  Watch Video

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