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A fractional CFO? What’s that?

Many small companies don’t need a full-time CFO, but they need the expertise to develop strategies, improve processes and create actionable plans toward profitable. (And yes, profits are important. You aren’t in business to avoid making money.) A fractional CFO works out a customized schedule, service plan, and timeline for helping companies improve their performance on terms that work for them.  

I’ve worked with hundreds of companies for over 15 years–primarily those trying to improve profits and cash flow. I was recognized in 2018 by the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) for the Turnaround f the Year, related to work I did with a small manufacturing company in serious trouble.

016_Vermont Aerospace

In addition, I’ve worked with companies  of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions, including:

  • Startups
  • Troubled 
  • Hyper-growth 
  • Small manufacturing
  • Publicly-traded service

I’m a CPA trained at KPMG and bought, grew and sold a small company of my own. I love the challenge of owning and running a small business and sharing my experience with others. I use my blog to provide content to business owners and finance leaders that is based on things I’ve learned (and mistakes I’ve made) along the way. I provide useful tools and basic usable advice — for free — because even though I believe in making a profit (see above). I also believe that professional and personal development is very important and I’m energized by providing value to others on those topics.

Speaking of personal development, I’m a health and longevity nut, so I sometimes talk about my plant-based diet and the challenges of being a vegetarian, personal wellbeing, and overall health and fitness. 

I work out and meditate almost every day and am an avid skier and biker, even considering the fact that I broke my hip in a serious bike crash, have had two DVT blood clots and other challenges along the way. I’ve done marathons and competed in the Lake Placid Ironman in 2001.

Doing CFO work is not much different than pursuing my fitness and wellness goals. Solid goals, consistent processes, discipline, and a focus on details can and should be applied to both roles.

I look forward to helping and inspiring my readers and clients. If I can help one person, I’ve changed the world.

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A few years ago in Lake Placid with my daughter Alex.

jsv ironman






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