Finish Strong! The 80 Day Plan

finish line

It’s the fourth quarter ladies and gentleman.  We can feel it in the air.  With approximately 80 days left, we need to be organized, committed and passionate to push hard to finish our year strong.

Words to live by – finish strong.

This year I focused on reviewing my goals almost daily in my morning routine, which I honestly only end up doing 2-4 times per week.  The process of reviewing my annual goals for 10 minutes a day really helped me to focus on important things and accomplish much more.  Even so, some of my goals are simply way off track.  Some of them need a big push now to be able to complete them by the end of the year, and in case you haven’t been counting, we only have approximately 80 days left in 2016!

Don’t panic though. 80 days is plenty of time to get important things done.  I love short focused periods of time to make quantum steps.  Think about what some people have gotten done in 80 continual days of focused work.  I met a guy last Friday who is running for a tight race for a US Congress seat…with 30 days until the election, he has a super short-term focused to try to win.   We talked about his plan. He’s getting an unbelievable amount accomplished in 30 days with a highly focused strategy.  It was inspiring. I suggest all of us spend an hour or two this week to develop our 80 day plan.  The 80 day plan idea invigorates action, it pushes us, and it helps create momentum right into the following year. The 80 day time frame is perfect.

Let’s start.

My 80 Day Process

Make a list:  Write down 5-8 wants or needs to get done by the end of the year, and the corresponding tasks or activities to get done by December 31st.   I update and print mine on Monday of each week.  I put reminders on my calendar for follow up items and review the list again every Friday.  I keep my “next action list” in Nozbe up-to-date to keep the goals moving forward.

Carve out quiet time: Another part of my ‘almost daily’ routine that I have been practicing for two years now is 10 minutes of silent time and meditation.  I am certainly no expert here, but I’ve found the results to be incredible.  I’m sensing less stress, enjoying more focus, making better decisions, and feeling better overall.  It takes practice and patience, but believe me it gets easier over time.

There have been thousands of studies over thousands of years that discuss the significant benefits of meditation.  I recommend everyone try it. Why not?  I use an app called Calm by Tamara Levitt.  I have also tried Headspace which seemed really good as well. For me, the key is just pushing play. I get up in the morning, drink a glass of water, make the coffee, and hit the button for the 10 minute daily calm.  I recommend it as a daily ritual. My current goal is to incorporate this more than three times per week.

Keep yourself accountable:  As I mentioned above, I check my list weekly. Keep your goals in front of you and adapt as needed along the way. Look forward to looking back at the end of the year to a productive and effective season in your life and business!

Here’s a spreadsheet that can help you take action with an 80-day-plan.

Let’s all finish strong together.