Run the Race, Run Your Business: It Takes Focus on Your Goals

One of the major fitness goals I set in the beginning of the year is coming due next week.  I am “competing” in my first triathlon in over 5 years.  Back in the day, I did a triathlon every other weekend and ended up doing two half’s and the Lake Placid Ironman.  2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on the bike, and a full marathon (26.2 miles).  So this is not my first rodeo.  This one is very short, but training took some planning, commitment and discipline, and honestly I am not super confident right now of hitting my goal time.

Since I didn’t feel on track, so to speak, over the last few weeks I picked up the focus to increase my chances of hitting my time goal.

Last weekend I developed my race morning checklist.  It’s been so long since I’ve raced, I want to ensure I’m prepared and don’t forget anything. I’m a big fan of checklists in every way.  They makes things so much easier.  I have checklists for everything: traveling, working out, winterizing my house, business hiring process, cash flow forecasting, month end closing procedures, etc.  In fact, I just read an interesting piece of a surgeon’s perspective how using checklists significantly reduces human error in complex professions such as aviation, engineering and medicine.

Things that are absolutely necessary to get 100% right on a repeated basis need a checklist.  That’s why I include some like these for you, free.

Like this fitness goal, I have several other business goals that need some picking up on, too.  To get there, I find it best to chunk them down in smaller tasks, or even just find motivation to get started.

So here’s a tip for me and you:

Chunk smaller pieces down and spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted time going after that task.  The main problem for me is finding that uninterrupted time (and it needs to be interrupted time–no calls, no email, no checking Facebook.) Once I do,  I literally set a timer for 25 minutes and get to work.  I will then take 5 minutes to briefly relax and regroup.  Then, I set the timer again.  (I use the repeatable Timer+ on my iPhone and listen to Focus@will for my uninterrupted time.  This process helps get things done.

I hope that helps.  I need to hit the track and do some interval work with 400 yard sprints, then do some focused interval work with a few 30 minutes sessions on my business goals.  How about you?